SmokTech RSST Genesis style Rebuildable Atomiser

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The RSST is an entry level 'Genesis style' rebuildable atomiser.(RBA)


Recommended for enthusiast level vapers only.

Genesis style atomisers offer much better flavour and nicotine delivery than cartomisers or clearomisers, the trade off is that they are fiddly to setup and tend to leak when they are not kept upright, which makes them great for use at home but not so good when out and about.


Rather than use silica wicking material a 'Genesis style' RBA uses stainless steel mesh to wick the e-liquid from the tank to the coil.

Other types of wicks can be used but we recommend using stainless steel mesh.


High end Genesis style RBA's can be very expensive.  We have selected the RSST as it's an affordable tank and is easier to setup than some of the other RBA tanks around.  User friendly setup is helped by it's insulated wick hole, spring loaded positive terminal and adjustable centre pin height.  All of which help a novice Genesis vaper who wants to try this style of tank an affordable, less hassle introduction to Genesis style atomisers.   


It comes with the tank itself and a 'Ming' style stainless steel drip tip.   It does not come with any premade wick, this is the tank only.

Stainless steel mesh, and resistance wire need to be purchased separately

We recommend #400 mesh and 0.32mm Kanthal wire.


The RSST is made from Stainless steel and the tank is polypropylene plastic.  


Before screwing an RSST onto a PV you should unscrew the centre pin, attach the RSST to your PV then tighten down the centre pin until you feel  slight resistance.  It is possible to damage a PV if the centre pin is screwed down too far if you then screw the RSST tank onto your PV too tightly.

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